kerala   home design

You can pass a family need urgently a two-bedroom House, but that it does not have the capital needed to meet the costs of a big building. In this design we can observe as you can build a suitable House to come live four or five people in a very little space. Obviously family must forego some comforts, for example this single House has a bathroom. Taking into account these things, is the limitations of the plane and the needs that comes to meet, continue with what we are interested in.

kerala   home design_1

We have a small porch in front, we entered the living room, that well could become a dining room, since this design does not count directly with the. On the right we have three lined bedrooms. On the left, separating the kitchen from the living room bath, small enough is also.

kerala   home design_2

As we can see covers the basic needs of the family without any problem, but without great luxury also bear in mind that the normal size of a House for a family of this type is double square meters of which were used for this in particular. In my opinion a very good option for those families who are in need of home urgently, to be so small you should to build pretty fast also.