kerala  homedesign
Today I bring a very nice house design. A fairly casual distribution, as that post above. In this House we particularly note is to create two distinct spaces. The social area on the ground floor and upstairs private area. I particularly prefer the designs in which at least one bedroom is located on the lower level, but that does not prevent me to see the great benefits of this design that I bring you today.

kerala  homedesign_1

As you can see in the plane of the bottom floor we have to front a small porch as a gallery and the entrance to the House. At this level don’t have windows that give to the front, that, I think, is very useful to give the House much more privacy. When we entered we find a corridor that runs from receiver. On the left we have laundry and bath right. Continuing along the corridor have right stairs (under which there is an area of saved) and left the kitchen. This corridor leads to a spacious environment that is composed by the living and dining room (from which have access to the kitchen in a horseshoe shape). The rear part is dominated by a large Gallery.

kerala  homedesign_2

At the level above the exit stairs we have left a room and bathroom. On the right a second lounge and from this we can access two rooms more. The principal, as usual, has en suite bathroom and walk-in closet.