kerala homedesign
Today I was checking and I found a lot on sale… A very nice location. But pretty boy your measurements were 6 meters wide by 18 of Fund. Most of the plane that I publish on the site are more than these measures, so I found it interesting to find one that suits these measures. After a little searching to reach that I show them now, tell me that they think.

kerala homedesign_1

As we can see the front is divided into two, on the one hand the garage, with space just for a car. With just some changes can transform it in a closed garage. To the left of the US is the living room, which we access directly. This area of the living room is separated from the kitchen and the dining room by stairs and the toilet (or sink as I was told that you had to say).

Two interesting things of this plant are laundry, outside but completely closed, and the stairs opening that allows the entrance of natural light from the terrace, as well as allowing us greater contact with nature.
kerala homedesign_2

The upper floor is also quite interesting. We have three bedrooms. The principal has a huge walk-in closet or dressing room and en suite bathroom. The second bedroom also has enough space and finally we have the more small of the three that has enough space for two children.

Not be to you but my seems to me a very good design. Especially if you take into account the limitations of space. 6 meters wide does not leave us much room to play and if that we add that we have 18 meters deep are still more limited. And if that add that we want space for a family of 4 or 5 (including 6) members we are ever more limited. But I think that here the designer was Pike and managed to put all what was needed. You are saying? Would you have any change?