kerala  homedesign

Make the plane of the House of the Simpsons is a rather difficult task many people try it and few got a satisfactory result. This is, obviously, to be an animated series, the design of the House is much more moldable. According to the chapter some environments change location or size. Which bring you today is a work of IƱaki, already published some of its planes on the site (for example, the departments of the big bang theory). His work seems very good to me. And this in particular seems to me that it covers most of the things that we see in the series in a way more than acceptable.

kerala  homedesign_1

kerala  homedesign_2

As you can see on the ground floor we have a living room, family room, dining room, kitchen with dining room a small bathroom and garage.

kerala  homedesign_3

kerala  homedesign_4

On the upper floor we can see a corridor that we distributed between four bedrooms and bathroom. The bedroom main (of Marge and Homer) this at one end and count with bathroom en suite. Next to the have the room of Lisa and Bart. In front of this last have room of Maggie. And at the end of the hall you can see the bathroom.

Do think of the plane? to my I think it is a very good design, but I’d like to read your comments.