kerala    home design

Pigeonhole a house within the Mediterranean style I brought to some problems in the past. It seems that it does not like my visitors it pigeonholes the designs within a particular style. Consider in this case correct since it has many details of the typical houses Mediterranean at the same time giving a twist to several things to achieve a flat sole. Will be by the space limitations or simple whim, but achieved a design rather than striking.

kerala    home design_1

As we see on the ground floor, although it seems a compact block actually is a House with a lot of movement. To the front, we have a small porch delimited by a bedroom and stairs. We entered the Hall and we have a little more. In the back of the House we have another House and access to the garage (laundry). Garage door deserves a mention apart due to its location in diagonal with respect to the home squad.

kerala    home design_2

Upstairs at the exit of the ladder we have left a small toilet and right the social area of the House. A huge living room, a kitchen with island type bar or breakfast bar and dining room. At this level also we have the master bedroom with bathroom en suite and walk-in closet.

As you can see it is a quite interesting seeing design. Although the angles in environments are quite worthy of criticism since they are not at all useful. Finally the amount of bathrooms can be something to criticize also. Leave your opinions in the comments.