kerala    home design

Today I bring you a House much less than 7 meters wide. In just 89 square metres on two floors it acquires a large distribution and a very good habitability of the home. Particularly think that plant could be two rooms instead of one just by changing the location of the bathroom (putting it where this walk-in closet). In this way conseguiriamos a House much more versatile for almost any family.

kerala    home design_1

As you can see both the facade and the plane House has a gallery on the side, not the front as you would expect. We entered directly to the living room, which features a fireplace. On the right we have the dining room and the kitchen. Leaving this last we have access to the bathroom and a bedroom with walk-in closet. In the living room, we have the stairs that lead to the upper floor.

kerala    home design_2

Leaving the stairs we find in the master bedroom. Left bath we have en-suite, right a hallway that after passing through the area of saved (a dressing) leads to the bedroom itself.

kerala    home design_3
Do think of the design? Getting to go to the bathroom we must go through the kitchen to my I think a design good enough to evaluate it and even to think about some changes for three dormiorios.