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Not usually find many modern houses that are small planes, as if it were a tacit agreement among architects, modern homes should be spacious, minimalist but wide, air many square meters. The plane today does not follow these rules, is neither very big nor very minimalist, but is still a modern House that goes more than one persons interested to build.

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As we can see is a single one floor, to the right we have the garage, which is open. The roof of the carport extends into the porch that covers the entrance to the House door. We entered directly in what would be the living room. This environment would be best, I think I, if removing the wall that it separates of the kitchen. We would be connected to the living room, but we would have a much broader sense. The kitchen has a small table by way of breakfast and the laundry with vented to the outside. To access the three bedrooms we have a Hall that in the Middle, right in front of the bathroom sector, expands to let us work. The master bedroom has its own en suite bathroom.