kerala   home design

Today I bring you a House that I loved. There are 69 square meters exploited to the maximum. We can imagine that it is a very small house to be modern, especially if we consider that it has 3 rooms, but was achieved here include all in too many problems. Offering a quite useful and adaptable construction. It is a House that fits perfectly in a land of 7.5 meters wide by 20 background, it makes we can build it in the majority of the lots of land that are on the market.

kerala   home design_1

As you can see in the drawing is entered directly into the living room, something logical to not having receiver how much we want to save space. Next to the living room, we have the kitchen and dining room that adjoins the garden from the laundry. In the area which adjoins the living room we have a hallway that leads to the three bedrooms and the bathroom. Between two of the bedrooms we have a small inner courtyard that provides light air. If we have a lot of land more large can not build it and slightly enlarge these quarters. The main room though something is girl account with en suite bathroom.

Do you think this design? Do you like them? A mi me is very interesting. A map of home that is close to what the majority of those who seek plans by internet can build. I hope that you find useful.
This house built in 2005.