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I like the plans of houses puequenas, I think that in this type of construction we can see the skill of the architects and designers. Also consider that this type of design are to those who can get most out within this site. It is not that the houses more big bother me, in fact I love them, but are not the most useful that we can find.
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On the ground floor we have, to the front, a small porch, we entered directly to the environment consisting of the living room and dining room. On the right we have the kitchen, I finished like the distribution of this, I think that it might improve (and leave more space for work) without too much problem. Next to it we have access to the bathroom on the ground floor and the stairs leading to the upper floor. From the living room you can enter the bedroom on the ground floor. This room seems more a rear addition that part primary construction.

On the upper floor we have a small hall that we distributed between the two bedrooms and the bathroom. One of the rooms has walk-in closet. To tell the truth is small, but with everything you need to use it.

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