kerala    home design

Three bedrooms can be little for many families, but for many others is probably what you are looking for. Also if you think about this design as a second home which come the weekends or a holiday we can tolerate the lack of a fourth bedroom without any problem. Clear the use we give to depends entirely on us and nobody more.

kerala    home design_1

As we can see it is a single plant. With an a porch on the front and a gallery and Conservatory at the rear. On the left of the construction we have two bedrooms, both with doors that open to the living room. In the Middle, on the back we have the bathroom, which also has a gate that leads to the living room. Next, above right, we have the kitchen, which is very wide and you will surely enjoy, the bar is the element that unifies it to other social environment to insulate it a little.

You are saying? I think that to have only 70 square meters very interesting spaces are achieved. I don’t like that all doors will give the social area since this removes enough privacy. In fact I would rather change a little bit the distribution and leave the bedroom separated with the bathroom in the Middle, making the doors give to the small Hall is going to be.