We put them to one side, we put them to the other, good solutions are repeated because they are good. Similarly often used tandem bedroom – bathroom – bedroom can concentrate the installation of water in an area of the House to facilitate the work and reduce costs. In the plane that I bring to you today is repeated this type of solution but with a different to previous plans distribution.


To the right of the House the garage for a single vehicle to the House is entered through the Middle, entrance is aligned with a corridor door, this not a very good thing but it can be solved very easily have a fairly large living right, left us is the dining room and kitchen, which also, does the laundry and access to the garage. From the living room is a Hall that leads to the three bedrooms and the bathroom. The main room as usual has bathroom en suite and dressing room.


I like these types of plans. They serve very well to educate the common person (like myself) on good practices in the architecture; and how to lower some costs in a very simple way.

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