kerala   home design
Today I bring you a fairly simple plane. A house type mono-ambiente, ideal for vacation or as a weekend home. We don’t have much interior space, not this designed the House to be constantly within her. At the level we are going to see very well, but the image of the facade against we can see that it favors much more air being free poolside.

kerala   home design_1

When we entered the House we found directly in the living room. The kitchen area and bedroom area are defined by the arrangement of the furniture. at one end we have the bathroom. From the living room we have exit to the living room outdoors, which has a grill and area to eat, all this inviting us to join the pool.

kerala   home design_2

Do you think design? Do you like them? They built it? I think it has some very good things, others less so, and some that are mere whims.