kerala  homedesign

Suppose that we have a lot of land of only 5 meters wide, but with 35 meters deep. Suppose that we want a two-bedroom House, very bright and a floor only. Also want a garage and quirky forms do not bother us… Well this is what would be:

To appreciate the design in all its dimensions should I cut the plane, take into account that the following images are one behind the other. First of all we have the garage and living room. This is born a Hall.

kerala  homedesign_1

Following the Hall we have two bedrooms and the only bathroom of the House in the middle. At the front the head and in the back room a second bedroom. Continuous Hall.Leading to the kitchen, place where this dining room also, and at the bottom we have laundry.

I hope that this form of display the drawing with a little more than find liked detail that if had done so in a single image much more small.