kerala   home design

I see this plane and the only thing that occurs to me is to use it for a vacation home. It seems those rooms of hotel with kitchenette. A small space may seem a burden for some. But if we think about it as a place to spend just a few days, mostly at night to relax and then we go to the beach already begins to make sense to build something like this. Another use that could be given is for a complex of “cabins”, its so small measures (4 meters in width and 6 main construction) makes it ideal to build several units in a not very large field.

kerala   home design_1

As we can see in the level there is much to say. We went directly to our unique environment. On the right we have the kitchen (small and without too much space for cooking) and bar to eat / breakfast. Together with them we have access to the bathroom with the space right. Left is the area of the bed. Furthermore we have exit to a small balcony that would serve us for the afternoon.
kerala   home design_2

Do think of the plane? A mi me seems ideal to build as an investment or as a resting place. It has many other uses, although adapting a little design I can imagine building a small hotel (where the rooms follow this design) into a resort area.