kerala  home   design

In little more than 10 square meters these architects managed to include everything you expect in a house or hut of two bedrooms. It should obviously not be very comfortable as a permanent dwelling but undoubtedly is an option rather than viable for periods of time short and where it need only minimum and indispensable.

kerala  home   design_1

kerala  home   design_2

At the level we can see the design of the main floor and the mezzanine floor (which does not become a floor completely). We enter directly to the living room, it is separated from the area of kitchen and bathroom down the stairs that lead to the upper floor. Above we have only the bed. The image below can explain a little panorama.

kerala  home   design_3

As we can see is a tiny cabin, even can be somewhat claustrofobica. Its 2 meters wide by 5 long may not be very comfortable, but it has everything you expect of a place to sleep and eat.