kerala home design

To appreciate this House in its entirety, we should see an image on the back. Where we see the slope of the land and note that what looks like a cellar well dustribuido actually is a bright and spacious environment connected to the back garden.

kerala home design_1

kerala home design_2

With all its details, good and not so much, a very interesting design seems to me those who has a plot on a slope (or who want to create an imbalance in his).

kerala home design_3

kerala home design_4

As we see in the plane, on the main floor that this design would be the top floor, we have left the garage area with space for three cars and a work area. To the right the private area consisting of two bedrooms with en suite bathroom. One of them is the main bedroom which has two walk-in closets and bathroom more big house. In the Middle we have the social area consisting of the living room, a kitchen with island and bar and dining room.