kerala homedesign

I think this House is too small. With a few small changes I think it could be much more comfortable by adding a few square meters more to widen the area of the living room and dining room I think that it would be best. I made this same observation at a very similar level that is public a few months ago. It is still a very good option for those looking for economic houses.

kerala homedesign_1

At the level we can see that we enter directly to the area that would be dining. In this sector would make another change (in addition to enlarge it) making this environment this connected with the kitchen by a bar, in this way achieve a lot bright design and a feeling of greater amplitude. Next to the kitchen we have a Hall which we distributed between the three bedrooms and the bathroom.

You are saying? I think that it is a very nice design and that within budgetary constraints and space is achieved by a rather nice house. I am thinking of a design similar to this for when do my home remodeling.