kerala    home design

In the photo you can see the house built on land on a slope, that does not mean that we should have a ground with these features to build it, in fact it is a design that adapts well to many different lots of land. In just 8.5 meters wide by 13.5 in length is achieved include a lot of interesting details. Two plants help a lot to this since we were able to increase the amount of square meters covered without taking up more space of ground.

kerala    home design_1

On the ground floor, we can see that we have, then go through the gallery or poch, and receiver a great concept environment opened covering all functions of social area. The front living room, the dining room (with access to the rear garden) back and the kitchen with island breakfast bar type in the middle. Right in the area where would separate this last of the living room have access to a corridor that leads to the laundry room, one bedroom and bathroom. From the dining area, we can access the stairs that lead to the first floor and another bedroom. It has access to the bathroom which I mentioned earlier, making a media suite If you want to.

kerala    home design_2

Only upstairs we have the master bedroom. This rather large area to sit, walk-in closet (or dressing) and en suite bathroom. In this plant, we also have access to a loft.