kerala  home   design

The design that I bring you today is one made by myself. It tries to cover all the needs of my family. We are currently living in a House with two bedroom and approximately 55 square meters. The idea is to enlarge what we have but the lot size limits us enough. To this must be added the limitation of the budget. These things and the ages of my daughter and my niece (who also lives at home) led me to try the next pattern.

kerala  home   design_1

In the area where we see currently living room we have a bedroom. The idea is to pull the wall down and transform it into the living room. Where they see the two girls rooms (3.5 meters long by 2.3 wide) currently have there is a hallway that connects the front with the back garden. The bathroom that works as well as en suite bathroom currently is the only bath house. In the kitchen would not do any changes.

Of all the options I tried this is one that I like. It covers all our needs. It gives us a great social space, which is not very useful, since we receive visits on a regular basis. And even let me a workspace that is much better than now (work in the dining room table).See some images to be able to imagine everything, then leave your comment to see if we can improve something.