kerala   homedesign

QuinHoy bring the planes of a modern House that at first glance may seem not too good. It has several square meters wasted on corridors. But if you look at it with more attention is the US has those square meters are not a waste and added much to the comfort of the home. Four bedrooms and the second living room in the upper floor of this modern House make a great choice for a large family.

kerala   homedesign_1

On the ground floor, we can see that we have several sectors and not just the social area as we have used many other houses. As soon as we entered the House we have a Hall, it is delimited by the laundry room to the left and a wardrobe on the right. Following a little have a right a hallway that leads to the bathroom and the kitchen, and continuous front hall that leads to a small office, to the left we have the master bedroom, which has en suite and wallk in closet. On the right we have the living room and dining room. From this last can go to a kind of barbecue or entering the kitchen which has dining room.

kerala   homedesign_2

On the top floor we have the second living room, large enough, three bedrooms and bathroom. On the area of the living room and the dining room we have nothing that makes this area of double height.

Finally I want to show them a picture of the back of the House where we can appreciate much more the barbecue and the windows of the social area of the House. Would think? It is cute, right?