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Let’s start with criticism, seems to me to the toilet which is badly located. If a guest is in the room sitting and want to go to the bathroom must go through the dining room, for cooking, for access to the basement and the garage finally getting to this place. Or you must climb the stairs to go to the bathroom on the upper floor. Something quite uncomfortable. Otherwise seems an option more than interesting to build a house in the suburbs.

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As we see in the image of the facade on the ground floor on the left we have the garage for two cars and on the right we have a small porch that invites us to enter. There is a Hall or foyer itself, the space is bounded by the garage to the right and stairs to the front. On the right we have the living room, next to it, we have the dining room and the kitchen. From here we have access to the garage, the toilette, the basement, and a study / work area.

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In the floor upper in the hall of distribution between the bedrooms have an area of study, a zone idea for the computer. On the one hand we have three rooms with walk-in closet, all sharing a bathroom. On the other hand have the room main that has with two dressing rooms (walk in closet for the and for her) and a huge bathroom in suite.