kerala homedesign

kerala homedesign_1

If you have a lot of land of at least 13 metres wide this plane is a good choice to build. You have only two bedrooms is not big problem since with some small modifications can be transformed laundry in a third room, leaving us a quite interesting home for many types of families. If you wanted to, in addition to that third room, could also add another bathroom to make it much more comfortable.

kerala homedesign_3

kerala homedesign_4

As we can see is a single plant with the garage for one vehicle to the left. On the right we have a gallery type porch, we went directly to the living room, by one of the corners, being moderately delimited a receiver. On the right we have two bedrooms. At the bottom right, in a fairly good location as it isolates some of the living room have bathroom. On the left we have the kitchen and the dining room sharing a same environment. We do not have access from the garage to the House, this is connected with the laundry and from there to the outside deck which linked it to the dining room.

kerala homedesign_5

As you can see is a House that can be adapted to many different needs, which lends itself to enjoyment and a comfortable large smooth life.