kerala    home design
Today I bring you a very nice, very classic House in distribution but with solutions to the times that run. These 128 square meters are very well used, we must bear in mind that the House has 3 bathrooms, a kitchen and even a carport for two vehicles.

kerala    home design_1

kerala    home design_2

At the level we can see that there are two different sectors. On the right we have the private area of the House. Three bedrooms (two of them en suite) and bathroom located along a corridor. The main room, plus, he has a quite considerable dressing room. In the social area to the front, we have the open garage, that doubles as a covered entrance. We entered directly to the living room. Next to it we have the dining room. And at the bottom we have the kitchen with exit to the laundry room and the back garden. Between these three areas we can observe a small garden which serves to aerate and illuminate them better.

kerala    home design_3

To my personally I think a House that we must take into account if we are planning the construction of our home. Although the plane seems that it is a small house can assure you that these 128 square meters are more than enough for any family type. You are saying? Do you like the design?