kerala  home   design
I love this plane. A pretty, very well distributed and comfortable house to live. No big aspirations but fulfilling its task in a completely correct and efficient way. It is one of the designs of houses that most liked of all that they have published on the site.

kerala  home   design_1

kerala  home   design_2

Downstairs you will enter through a side, there is a proper receiver but a space delimited by stairs and a wall that conforms to this function is entered right in the division between the living room and dining room. The living room is to the front, quite large, in the Middle the dining room and next to the kitchen, separated from the other two, but connected by a bar serving hatch. In front of this last have the laundry room under the stairs. At the bottom we have the master bedroom, a bathroom and a door out to the back garden.

kerala  home   design_3

kerala  home   design_4

On the upper floor, out of the ladder have a work area, and then a Hall which we distributed between two bedrooms and a bathroom.