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Designing a narrow home has its challenges. Achieve a correct lighting and ventilation is a rather complicated task. If the customer also wants / needs a garage makes things even more complicated. The architect who made this plane as a fairly good way solution, investing environments. To distribute the social area on two floors were pleasant although not fully functional environments.

On the ground floor facing the street have the garage and next to a small corridor that leads to the entrance. In the Hall we have two options, on the one hand go to the bathroom or to the dormtiorio and the other climbing the stairs.

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On the upper floor the design becomes more interesting. The output of the stairs leads to the living-room, large, with a large glazed balcony entrance. Next to the living room, we have the dining room that connects to the kitchen by a bar type passes dishes. From here we have access to the master bedroom having en suite bathroom.

How surely noticed that our visitors have that down the steps to go to the bathroom does not seem something ideal, although it is a price that pagaria warmly in return for having a beautiful home in only 5 meters wide.

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