Today I bring you the plans of a House quite narrow, about 6.5 meters wide, but that gives us everything you may need for a family of four or five members, including two bathrooms, Gallery at the front, and separate rooms.


On the ground floor, at the front, we have the porch type Gallery, ideal to relax in the evenings. When we entered we find the living and dining room. A little more you will find we have a hallway that allows us to enter the bathroom and to the stairs first and then to the kitchen and a well we could transform into the laundry area. To the very end, back, we have a bedroom, I would do it the same width that the rest of the House, could even look how to add a bathroom suite to transform it into the master bedroom.

The upper floor is simple. Distributed in the classic tandem, bedroom – bathroom – bedroom two bedrooms and a bathroom. The back room has en-suite bathroom and the possibility of building a balcony type terrace on fourth down.


That they think this plane? To my reminds me of one that was published not long ago, but I think that this is much more distributed and spaces are are using more efficient.

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