kerala home design
This House is very striking. On the outside we see a super modern and imagine a rather minimalist layout. When we see the drawings give us account which is actually rather simple, up to classic design a correct choice of materials, colors and up to the fall of the ceilings can make a huge difference to the perception that we have of a House.
kerala home design_1

As you can be seen in the low floor plan this construction presents “different levels”: the garage is a bit below the floor of the House, this allows us to play a lot more with spaces and provides us with a simple way to quite naturally illuminate the basement (which don’t show anything). After some small stairs we went into the House, to the receiver to be exact. When out of the entered the living room, the distribution of this gives back to the toilet and stairs (that lead to the garage, the basement and the upper floor). Next to the living room, we have the dining room and kitchen with island and breakfast area.

kerala home design_2

The upper floor is also divided into two levels. At the halfway point of the stairs we find a family room, which could well be a game room or tv room or what we need. In the actual top level we have a hall which we distributed among three bedrooms and a large bathroom.

As you can see the distribution is quite classic. To my particular love that contrast that is general between the outside and the inside. You are saying?