kerala home design
The today seems a useful design as it allows us to play a lot and build different types of houses according to what you need. On the one hand we have the ‘official’ design that we see in the plane.
kerala home design_1

Garage at the bottom and a House with two bedrooms on the upper floor. Adding a bathroom on the ground floor can transform it into a business (or 2 more small). Also we can, following exactly the same distribution but in mirror (with the kitchen and bathroom to the front) we could have two two bedroom units in a very small space. In a space of 6.5 meters wide by 7 meters long, we have a lot of options to build.
kerala home design_2

As we can see in the plane on the ground floor we have the garage (that we could change for various things depending on our needs). On the upper floor in an area of 47 square meters we have approximately the House itself. We have a seating area and kitchen where the living, kitchen and dining area share the same space. On one side we have the bathroom and front have two bedrooms.

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