To start the year with the right foot, as it says in my payments, I want to share this plane I found… it should be noted that you for my year to start the first working day, which is today, January 4, we come from a few free days that helped start it with more enthusiasm and energy. I hope that the year of you is very good. Finally, let’s look at the plane.

This design I found it at soprojectos, a page / Brazilian company that makes planes and sells them. I just share it so that they have more options, and if you want to buy a plane do not hesitate to visit them, although nose as they are handled with other countries, even if they can speak Malayalam.

As you can see is a single-storey construction, with two bedrooms and two bathrooms on the right wing, next to the kitchen, also on the right, is can add a quarter without any problem, it is, I think, a very interesting to build stage House, can even start with a single bedroom and a bathroom and then add according to needs.


On the left, facing the street have a space for the car, then an area of open concept which includes the dining room and the living room, not very big, but with room for 6 persons without problem. The kitchen is separate, but with a few small changes we can open it to the dining room and the living room, if we prefer this. The laundry is in the back of the House, open, in a sort of Gallery.

The interesting thing about this building is that it fits perfectly in a field of 8 metres wide by 20 deep. But I think it’s best to have at least 9 by 25 to make it more comfortable and dispose of more garden, something as necessary when you have children.