kerala  home design
Talk about a modern and economical House is most of the time as an oxymoron. If we add that it is a three bedroom house already and you would think that it is impossible. But taking into account that are looking to maximize space and although it is a modern House just built 70 sqm already can understand because we consider it to be economic. These 70 square meters provide us with all the space for a family of 4 persons, including 5 if we squeeze a little.

kerala  home design_1

As we see in the flat to save space is left some things out and I choose to occupy all the ground crosswise (about 8 meters between party walls) which makes that we have to find some solutions to provide natural light and air to all rooms.

The House is accessed directly by the living although it is not very spacious using a modular sofa achieved provide enough space. Leaving the lounge we find a lobby which we distributed between the kitchen – dining room (which are connected with the garden through the laundry) and the corridor that leads to the bedrooms and the bathroom. The master bedroom has en-suite bathroom, something that is appreciated by having a small space. Between the two rooms small we have a small inner garden.


Punnoose Andrews