kerala home design
The plane today is very interesting. It has some things that I like, others not so much. To my mind it is many meters wasted on areas that are little used and nothing. I think the designer take square meters extra to not to think of good distribution solutions and is bound to put everything that requested you one thing back from the other.

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We entered the ground floor and we are in the entrance hall. Right laundry, front we have a door that leads to the social area of the House. We are in a glazed corridor that allows us to go out to the garden, entering the bathroom, walk up the stairs and follow to the living area and dining room. The living room is divided in two, a party in the area of the Hall and another in the area of concept open to sharing the place with the dining room and the kitchen.

kerala home design_2

The upper floor has a similar distribution: a corridor that allows us to go out to the balcony on one side, two bedrooms and another bath. Also in the area of the Hall have a space to sit that seems more put to take advantage of the wasted space that as something fully functional.

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