The facade of this House is great. Stone, wood and glass, materials that highlight and which speak of a high quality of construction. Actually it is not necessary to respect these materials and what more not should be of interest is the distribution, which is what can make a home comfortable or not…

Perhaps not noticed it on the facade, but the House is built on several levels. She is designed to have a basement, then to the ground level have the garage. A little above, what would be the half flight of stairs, we have the main level of the House and above all have the bedroom level.


As we can see the main level is distributed in a semi-open concept, leaving us a little separated from the living area kitchen and dining room. A remarkable point is the entrance hall or foyer… not all homes have this as useful space. The toilet and sink give directly to the living room, something that could bother us for privacy, but the location manages to give us a feeling quite good I think. The entrance from the garage sits directly on the half of the flight of stairs that leads to the basement.


The upper floor is simple, but with large and bright spaces. To the front, we have two bedrooms. One of them, the master bedroom with walk-in closet. On the back we have a bedroom and the main, large and comfortable bathroom apparently. It would have been nice having a bathroom in suite at this level… but do not reach the square meters.

Another change that should not cost much to do is the build a game room or similar on top of the garage. This room would make him an entry in the rest of the stairs that lead to the upper floor.