The House today has some peculiarities that not allows us to characterize it very specifically. I decided to call her house, but it may well be a house in the suburbs. I can’t imagine it as a city, that I have it clear. As we can see is a construction of wood, but without major problems we can build it with other materials. Interesting is the way the rooms are distributed thus enabling us to have a lot more privacy in the bedroom.



The front of the House is dominated by a large Gallery, and the door of access to the House is not confronted with the sidewalk, must take part of the Gallery to access. We went directly to the living room, on the left we have a hallway that leads to two bedrooms, a bathroom and laundry, from which we can go into the main room, although its ‘parent’ entry is for cooking. One of these bedrooms can be used as an office without any problem, in fact this thought to have independent access. We have the kitchen dining room rather than some do not like it, but that my I think particularly successful. Also here we have a garden of winter or enclosed porch, as they want to call. The master bedroom as well as having its own bathroom en-suite and walk-in closet, as usual, has a small living room.

S. Sampath