kerala home design
Today I bring you a very modern House. I imagine her in some sort of gated as the called countries. See the distribution we can notice makes a special emphasis on the enjoyment of the pool, leaving a free image that speaks to the façade of modernity. So in the image that you have then you can see a view of the back and the facade was allowed to them for the final.

kerala home design_1

kerala home design_2

As we see it is a single plant distributed in the form of “L” if we don’t have the garage. Once past the entrance porch, the receiver (or foyer) we have two paths to choose, right we have dorms left the social area. On the side of the rooms (which are three) we can see a pantry and a deposit and then bath, facing them, we have two rooms with view to the Park and the pool. At the end of the Hall we have the master bedroom with bathroom en suite and walk-in closet. In the social area have a great atmosphere that combines kitchen with bar type breakfast, the dining room and the living room, all with view to the garden next to them have a patio with wood floor, deck, where we can see a sitting poolside area what they call.

kerala home design_3

Finally I leave the image of the façade, where you can see a large block with just a sale and another bloc formed by the garage and entry.