The plane that I bring on the day of today is a breath of fresh air when compared with those who were previously published. A modern, comfortable and functional design. I like the facade, no windows on the ground floor, ideal for a city home.


Once we entered the House we have a hallway or foyer that separates us completely from the rest of the House, only to have two doors one that leads to the laundry room and another that allows us to enter the social area of the building. Once inside the House, the first thing that we have is: the bathroom right and left access to deck. A little more beyond the kitchen dining room and at the end have the living, which, in turn, we can divide it into two parts.


Someone with imagination could change the location of the bathroom (and delete this small living room) and distribute it in a different way to have three, but that is another story. We have a Hall which distributes us between two bedrooms (the master with walk-in closet), bath.