kerala   home design

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The House today is striking. The facade does not say much, even be considered to be quite ugly. Why the first image I show them that is on the back of it. Where is the designer really care in have a nice image. It is not a House for everyone, but if one can afford it surely will enjoy a lot.

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On the ground floor facing the street we have a block formed by the garage for two cars left, an office on the right and the receiver, bath and laundry in the middle. On the back we have another block where are the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. Interesting is the way in which separates the living of food, by means of a ladder. At the end of this article I leave a picture of the inside for you to see it better. These two sectors are opened to a deck in which we can see another area living outdoor free more than interesting.

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The upper floor is developed only on the front of the House. Giving to the living room and the rest of social environments on the ground floor a very large height. Leaving the stairs we have a Hall which we distributed among three bedrooms. Each of them has bathroom en-suite and walk-in closet.

Then I leave the picture of the facade of the House and inside so they can assess for yourself the whole House.