So I can read on the planes is a French House. “Espace de vie” would be something like living room. Compact design that was achieved is very interesting. We must not forget that it’s a four-bedroom house and that also has a car garage space.

Particularly I had “lengthened” a little lounge, crossed the stairs to the new space that is generated to lengthen it, and in the space where this stair make a bathroom in semi-suite. But this is a matter of taste… or not?

The design such as this account with a small living room next to the bedroom number 1. Along with this we have stairs and below them a tiny toilet. On the back we have the dining room and with double doors that lead us to the garden and the kitchen. From this last we have access to the garage and what will be the laundry if I do not understand.

The upper floor is an ode to space saving. A tiny hallway that we distributed between the three bedrooms and the only bathroom in the House. At least this bathroom has plenty of room, which is much appreciated.

If we made the changes I mentioned at the beginning this plant would be mirrored. We wouldn’t do any big change. We would only rooms on the other side, but nothing more.

Of the above is an image of the building’s construction. The swimming pool and the outdoor garden give a great appearance to the rear garden. But I think, importantly, we set up as they are running windows and double doors from the plant. These are a combination, in my opinion, much better than in the front of the building to you who you think?