kerala home design
More than two months had passed since I post the last flat. I was thinking some grandiose level, those of 15 rooms, with three floors and a garden of several acres… then I thought it better and me di account which is not what you my visitors waiting room. As I understand most prefer flat houses more realistic. Designs that closer to what one could build on our own land. The level of today, for example, only 6 meters wide and 12.5 meters long, manages to locate everything that we can expect (and more)… that is the reason why I choose this plane before anyone else. When you come back to have rhythm we can publish some other touches of color overlooking the site.

kerala home design_1

On the ground floor we have the garage that doubles as entrance porch. We entered directly to the living – dining room, a very interesting space. From the dining room we access to the kitchen, and from there to the laundry room and the back garden. From the living room, we have access to the stairs leading to the upper floor. Interesting is the location of the bathroom and the small office next to the stairs, in fact have room for a second area of work in them.

kerala home design_2

The top floor is quite simple. We have a Hall which we distributed between the three bedrooms and the bathroom. The most interesting is the size of the master bedroom having en suite bathroom, a sitting area and even a small balcony very interesting.