The House today is very large, with many environments, and very distinct areas. The only major criticism I have is the “twin bath” that bathroom with doors that open to two different bedrooms, would have preferred a little change the design, leaving only a door in the corridor.


In another type of construction the two-car garage takes center stage, but with everything else that we have in this House, passes to a second plane. Once we entered the House in the receiver (or foyer) have left the dining room and on the right the stairs that lead to the upper floor. From the dining room we can enter the kitchen, laundry and garage. From the entrance hall, we also have access to living room. To the right of this last we have we have three bedrooms and the toilet, two of these bedrooms has a “twin bath” and the other, the master bedroom has a large bathroom en-suite and walk-in closet. On the other hand, from the living room, we communicate with the kitchen again, the breakfast room and an area which in English is called “hearth room” which is a multipurpose area.


The top floor is much more simple, we have two bedrooms, one on each side of the stairs, a bathroom and a room recreation to which we can give you many different applications, for example we can transform it into a quarter of exercises.

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