kerala  home   design

I can’t imagine this House in many places more than a country or some high class residential mud. It is a modern and luxurious House with very good taste. Don’t have many things to criticize him, frame type of family would inhabit it and what would be their needs. If we see the measures we can see you need a batch of at least 15 × 30 metres, although the best would be to own one of 20 × 40 or greater. The windows can not give all the privacy one would like, but this is very common in this type of houses.

kerala  home   design_1

On the ground floor to the right we have the garage for two cars and left the entrance to the House. The foyer or entrance hall is delimited by the study. Leaving this sector we entered the formal living room, which is opposite the exit of the garage. Following are the stairs, a bit more than access to the toilet and laundry. We ended up in a huge environment where we have the dining room, large kitchen with pantry and island type breakfast room and the family room.

kerala  home   design_4

On the upper floor we still see many details of luxuries. On the one hand we have three bedrooms located the around Central magnificent for a second (or third) living room and a bathroom divided in two parts. In the other end have the room main, with a huge window in the front and ones not less gigantic bathroom in suite and walk in closet.