The plane of today is a formal House… Quite separate and quite serious-looking spaces. It is not a completely formal construction. Finally and after it does not have a unique dining room atmosphere. But the separation between environments takes away some of the fun we can have within an open concept.

Eye, not me poorly interpreted, design seems correct, and covers needs quite complete. Adds much point to having a closed Hall and various environments, such as laundry, have no other type of constructions and then we miss. Unfortunately I don’t have a floor plan, where we can appreciate the distribution of furniture to better appreciate the distribution.

As we can see in the image here above to enter ourselves in a Hall which functions as receiving on the left we have the living room, large enough, with a fireplace. On the right we have a Hall which we distributed between the three bedrooms and the bathroom. In the background we have access to the kitchen and the dining room. These communicate with the living through French doors (of those doubles). We also output to the prior step back garden by the laundry area.

As they noticed one of the rooms count with bathroom en suite. For my taste it is rather small, I would have preferred that two or three square meters are used more and have a bathroom en-suite with bath and a better distribution.