kerala   homedesign

The plane that I bring you today has some very good things, but also has some very reprehensible things. The bedrooms are one of those ambiguous details presented by the design. Than 4 bedrooms is a very good thing, the distribution of them, with intricate shapes, is bad. In general it is a plane that is worthwhile since it covers needs to assess specific and does quite well.

kerala   homedesign_1

kerala   homedesign_2

The front of the House is dominated by a large garage for two cars discarded right a small space which is the entrance to the House. Once inside the House, to the right of the receiver (which is little more than a corridor) have a Studio. Continuing along this corridor we pass the banor and laundry and ended up in the living room, discarded right stairs to the upper floor. Next to the living room, we have a large kitchen and dining room.
kerala   homedesign_3

kerala   homedesign_4

On the top floor we have the front three bedrooms and a bathroom. On the back we have the main room with en suite and walk-in closet.