kerala    home design

Today I bring you a very large modern House. There are 315 square metres. What for many may be an exaggeration allows to get a distribution, and a few environments that a building more small could not be achieved. So on the ground floor we can see two distinct sectors, facing the social area with a formal living room, and at the rear the family area. On the upper floor is achieved something like leaving the front the master bedroom and in the back three rooms.

kerala    home design_1

kerala    home design_2

At the level we can see we have next to the garage for two cars next to the have the entrance, and the receiver. Which is little more than a hallway, allowing us to enter the formal living room or follow by the and we distributed to the garage, the toilet and the sink. If we continue we find the family area, with a living room, dining room and kitchen with large island which can also function as a breakfast bar.

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Upstairs out of the staircase we can opt to go to the back of the building where we can see the three bedrooms, one beside the other, and the bathroom which is divided into two. This love me because if a family member wants to go to the bathroom should not wait until another Member to finish showering or something similar. If we choose to go in front of the construction we with a small work area, and then with a huge master bedroom. With a huge en suite bathroom and a walk-in closet or dressing room big as a room.