Today I bring you a modern house with some very interesting details and other quite worthy of criticism. I like to just about 12 meters wide and 6 meters deep. Clear to accomplish this had opt to have three floors, the lower level has the space for the cars and little more than that, and must, obligatorily, climb stairs to be inside the House itself.


As I said at the ground level we have space for three cars on the right have a closed garage. Next to the have the access, a hallway with a cloakroom, stairs and laundry. On the far left we have a carport for two vehicles.


On the first floor, the main level, we have an environment that is completely open to a balcony type terrace. At the exit of the stairs, on the right, we have the bathroom and kitchen with breakfast bar. In front, we have the dining room and the living room left. The one which, in addition to lighting from the balcony, has some large windows facing the street.


I also leave a picture the contra-fachada where we can see the terrace on the first floor, with space to eat outdoors even. On the second floor we can see that all the bedrooms have access to a balcony rather more smaller than the first stage.


Do you think this House? out some of the problems I think that it is a very nice design, to a young family who enjoy the company of friends.

Designer K V Muraleedharan
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