kerala   homedesign

It’s a big house, Yes, but not exaggerated. It is not a design from those that seem too. This very well used spaces, there are 255 square meters very well distributed and very good spaces for the enjoyment of family and share with friends. Undoubtedly it is a construction that is worth having on hand between our options of construction if we search for something big without being tacky.

kerala   homedesign_1

kerala   homedesign_2

As we see in the design of the ground floor on the left we have a small porch to enter. The entrance hall or foyer is delimited by the stairs and the toilette. To the right is the living room with fireplace. In front we have a hallway that leads to the kitchen with island, passing through the pantry. Next to the kitchen to the living room, we have the dining room, from which we have access to the laundry room and the back garden.

kerala   homedesign_3

kerala   homedesign_4

On the upper floor we have a hall which we distributed between the three bedrooms and the bathroom. The master bedroom has a huge en suite and walk-in closet (or dressing) if they are language purists. Of the three rooms on this floor the more small features a balcony.

kerala   homedesign_5

The second floor is dedicated to leisure, intended as a game room, but it can be an exercise area, a home theater, or anything else that we think that it is the best. At this level we have another full bathroom. Especially useful if we use the floor as an extra sleeping area.