kerala   homedesign

When we see the facade of this House we can not imagine that it is as luxurious House. Colors and wood do not make us imagine what can be found inside. We see only a very big house and nothing more. But if we stop a minute to examine the plane we can see the great work done by the architect designed it.

kerala   homedesign_1

As we can see on the right we have the three-car garage, well might shrink a bit and make it only for two vehicles. On the left we have a gallery and the entrance to the House. We entered directly to the living room. We don’t have a hall itself, but I think that you would be obtained by the location of the furniture. On the right we have a formal dining room. A little more than we have stairs that also serve to divide this sector of the family area where we can see a living room, the dining room and the kitchen. The toilette is separating the dining area from the dining room, covering two needs at the same time. From the kitchen we have access to an area of step that also functions as a pantry and thence to the garage.

kerala   homedesign_2

On the upper floor we have a Hall which we distributed among four rooms, bath and laundry. The main room has, in addition, with its own bathroom en-suite large enough and a walk-in closet.As you can see it is a big enough House that can meet the needs of any family without any problem.