I love the work done by Iñaki and it is not only because from the videos of a series it can make you so-called Department plane, but because he also achieved a very good result without using the help of computers. Their designs differ from others in which only uses a leaf and colored pencils. This is something that is this losing since computer-aided designs take up most of the market. It is wonderful to see that someone is running this art of the ancient form.


As we can see in the drawing Department you enter directly by the kitchen, leaving us left a work or dining area. The kitchen has a bar. In the center of the construction we have the living room, there is a proper dining instead will privilege the living and convenience when it comes to other activities. At one end we have two bedrooms, both with doors that open directly to the living room. In a corner, quite isolated have bath.

If you want to see more of the work done by Iñaki not hesitate to pass through its devianart, there will be some of his most notable. On this same site can see other work of the for example the level of sheldon and leonard Department or carrie from sex and the city.