kerala    home design

Today is bring the plan of a kerala style House. Only 70 square meters. Do not expect great amenities, just so basic. It seems to me a perfect first home design. Ideal for building on the same plot of land where the House of the parents. You can even serve as housing for rent and produce a second income.

kerala    home design_1
As said les the plane can not expect much. We went directly to what would be the kitchen and the dining room, dont have room, so few square meters we cannot afford it. We have a small Hall that does not lead to the bathroom and the bedroom. This last has no door, don’t you have to actually, also affect the correct movement inside the House.

The image of the fa├žade is made by me, in the sketchup program. It is that I only found the design of the plane, and no more. The quality of the illustration is rather basic, already it, but serves pretty well to get an idea of as construction would be I think. That you think the plane? Is it worth to evaluate it as a first home?

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