kerala  home   design

The particularity of this plane is that plants are reversed in as they are normally. On the ground floor part of the bedrooms, we have what they call the private area of the House, and on the upper floor have what is commonly known as the social area of the House. Including the living room, dining room and kitchen (although this last some place it within the private area). It is a home that I liked a lot and I think a good choice for an urban family that likes to connect with nature in your home.

kerala  home   design_1

On the ground floor, as I mentioned above, we can see part of the private area of the home. We have the Hall, to the right we have a living room designed for children, who have their two bedrooms lined up on the right. These three are on a small wooden deck. On the left we have the stairs and next to it the bathroom divided into 2 (on the one hand the toilette and shower area), at the end we have laundry.

kerala  home   design_2

On the upper floor we have exit stairs toilet, properly separated from the rest of the environment. Which is made up of a large kitchen with island, dining room and living room. All these environments (which in reality are connected in one only) opens onto a terrace, also made of wood. Next to the living room, we have the master bedroom which features a large bathroom en suite and a considerable wardrobe which comes to make up for the lack of walk-in closet.