kerala   home design

kerala   home design_1

The House today is a typical modern house design. Large and bright environments that privilege the image functionality. Although particularly this type of practices are not that they like me at this level the result is pretty good. The image seen below is not facade, but it is at the back, I like more the design of the rear part of the front.

kerala   home design_2

kerala   home design_4

As we see the receiver is delimited by the stairs on the left and a closet to the right. A little more past to the left we have the bathroom (which gives access to the laundry) and the front one bedroom with walk-in closet. In the middle of the construction we have the living room, with a protrusion to the backyard which is connected through large windows and a door. On the left we have the dining room and the kitchen.

kerala   home design_5

kerala   home design_6

On the upper floor to the exit of the stairs have a lobby that opens to the living room on the lower floor which we distributed between three rooms more and a bathroom. The master bedroom is large, with a dressing room, but no bathroom en-suite.